Online Games and Their Impact on Young Generation

It is a well known fact that young generation is highly affected with influences of internet. Internet based music websites, gaming websites and all other types of entertainment websites are highly popular. Day by day, these websites are growing in terms of their influence. In this article, we will try to find out various effects of these online or PC based games on young generation. It is quite obvious that there will be few positive and few negative aspects that are concerned with online gaming. Below I have listed all effects of online gaming on young generation:

  1. Becoming addict: Playing game within a limit is okay but it should not exceed limit. You should not put plenty of hours on daily base for games. It has been seen that young generation often gets addict to games and they waste their time before PC. You should never challenge your daily works with attraction of games.
  2. Challenge for eyes and back: No doubt, when you will sit long before PC then your eyes will get affected. This is nowhere suggested that you daily use PC for more than 4-5 hours. Suppose you work on computer for whole day and come back to house and get stuck with PC for game then your eyes will definitely get affected. Young generation joker123 should opt for those games that involve physical work like movement of hands, legs and other parts of body. It has been revealed in a survey that most of eye problems are because of computer and TV. Eyes are precious and it cannot be restored to its real power if it gets damage.
  3. Development of mind: No doubt, these games are helpful for kids to develop their thinking ability. If anyone is looking to generate analytic ability then games are good option to go with. If you allow your kids for online games in a certain limit then it is really helpful for them. It all depends on which type of game you select. There are many games that are just nonsense and there will be nothing for development of mind on the other side there are many that are good for development of analytic ability.

Finally I would like to say that there are few positive and few negative effects of PC based games. It all depends on player what he/she will grab? If you want to make good use of it then don’t get addict. Your intention should be entertainment along with some exercise for mind.